Sketch and draw with Canva

Channel your creativity with fun drawing tools on an infinite canvas. Use Draw — the free tool for sketching and drawing online from Canva.

Sketch and draw with Canva

Drawing made fun and easy

With Draw, expressing your creativity has never been this fun. Color outside the lines using a suite of built-in features and drawing tools that make sketching online a breeze, wherever you are. Invite your team and bring ideas to life with every drawn stroke and filled shape on a drawing board that never runs out of space.

Choose from different drawing tools and setting options to unleash your creativity.

Easy-to-use drawing tools

Sketch your ideas with drawing tools you can use and adjust easily. Pick from our selection of pen, marker, highlighter, and eraser to get started.

Create the perfect shape every time with our built-in Shape Assist feature.

Shaped into perfection

Perfect your shapes with Shape Assist. Simply sketch any shape or line, and our built-in feature will polish it up.

Draw anywhere

Draw anywhere

Draw what you want, when you want, where you want — on any device.

Collaborate seamlessly

Collaborate seamlessly

Visualize ideas with your team and easily mark up designs simultaneously.

How to draw with Canva

How to draw with Canva

Launch Canva on the web or mobile. Pick a customizable template in any design type. Choose from whiteboards, presentations, social media posts, and more, or begin with a blank slate.

Select Draw on the editor side panel to view the drawing options. Choose your desired brush or pen, then tap Settings to adjust the color, transparency, and thickness.

Draw online by sweeping your brush or pen across the canvas. Use Shape Assist to refine your lines, arrows, and circles. To erase, select Eraser, then drag over the areas you want to erase.

Continue sketching solo or work on your drawing together with your team. Quickly grant editing access, then update, create, and collaborate in real-time.

Satisfied with your output? Download your drawing in high-resolution PNG, JPG, or PDF formats, save it to a shared folder, or share it on your social media pages.

Unleash your creativity

Unleash your creativity

Your ideas, your way

Add freehand drawings to your Canva designs to reflect your personality. Use our pen, marker, highlighter, and eraser for your unique ideas.

Refine your artistic vision

Whether you want to resize, rotate, scale, or move your sketches, you can do it with ease using our intuitive touch and pen gestures.

Magnify your creativity

Tweak the minute details of your drawing or step back to see the big picture using pinch-to-zoom gestures as you work on your canvas.

Draw up ideas with your team

Draw up ideas with your team

A new way to get inspired

Take your brainstorming sessions to new heights. Use Draw to unlock your team's creativity and grow ideas on an infinite drawing board.

Draw attention to your ideas

Mark up designs and add notes for your team with ease. Circle, highlight, underline, and annotate as you would on paper, all in real time.

Bring your data to life

Craft polished flowcharts and diagrams in a snap with Shape Assist. Just draw a shape or line, hold, and this feature will do the rest.

Express yourself with ease

Express yourself with ease

All your creative gems in one place

Whether you're making presentations or social media content, grab attention with hand-drawn doodles and graphics, all within Canva.

Capture ideas anytime

Sketch and ideate whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Access the same tools and features on any web browser or desktop device.

For artists of all ages

Art is for everyone, and so is Draw. Whether you're a student or a professional, bring ideas to life with every sketch you make—for free.

Frequently asked questions

Draw is the action or process of creating a picture by making lines on paper or another surface. According to Brittanica, drawing involves using a “pencil, pen, marker, chalk, etc., but not usually with paint.” While artists use drawing techniques in various art forms like sculpture and graphic design, drawing is widely recognized as an independent art form in its own right.

Draw also refers to Canva's online drawing tool. The quick draw feature allows you to draw, sketch, and doodle anything—whether for a presentation, flow chart, or Instagram story. The Draw tool has an infinite drawing pad and a selection of pens in multiple sizes and colors, making it easy to give life to your ideas.

Draw is free for all users—Free, Pro, Education, NFP, and Teams—and is available across all doctypes, except for Canva Docs. You can use our drawing app for freehand drawing, sketching up ideas, and annotating designs.

You can use Draw on the Canva desktop app or a web browser or download our iOS or Android apps. Take advantage of the same drawing tools and seamlessly jump from one device to another. Easily navigate the canvas with pinch-to-zoom features and perfect your shapes with Shape Assist. You can move, rotate, scale, or resize your drawn strokes using your finger or stylus pen—whichever works best for you!

No worries! You can use Canva's built-in Shape Assist feature to refine your shapes and turn them into clean, smooth drawings. Start by drawing a shape freehand, hold your pen in place for a second, and Shape Assist will convert it to a perfectly polished illustration.

At the moment, Shape Assist works for the following:

  • Rectangles
  • Arrows
  • Triangles
  • Circles
  • Stars
  • Lines
  • Hearts
  • Diamonds

We're working on adding more to the list, so stay tuned!

You can download your drawings to your device in high-resolution PNG, JPG, and PDF formats. However, if you encounter issues saving your drawing, this likely means you've exceeded our stroke limit of 1 MB per design. To resolve this issue, consider the following options:

  • Reduce the number of strokes in your design
  • Duplicate or make copies of your design, then pick up where you left off in the new design

You can sketch on a Canva whiteboard using Draw. From the editor side panel, select Draw to see the drawing options. Choose from different pens, each customizable with your desired colors and thickness, so you can make your drawing your own.

Draw every creative possibility with Canva

Bring your ideas to life with every stroke of your hand. Sign up for free and get started on your next design project.
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Let Canva draw out your creativity with every stroke and doodle. Sign up now and get started on your next sketch.
Let Canva draw out your creativity with every stroke and doodle. Sign up now and get started on your next sketch.